Watch Will Ferrell and Billy Eichner Test Strangers' Christmas Movie Knowledge


Billy Eichner’s latest Billy on the Street episode with Will Ferrell surely got us into the Holiday spirit.

While donning matching red and green onesies, the pair took to the streets of New York to scream Christmas-related questions at unsuspecting strangers.

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Which American actor appeared in Love Actually? Laura Linney, of course. Is Bad Santa a Christmas movie? Well, duh!

Yet, one answer Ferrell and Echner couldn’t agree on had to do with whether Elf or Scrooged is a better Christmas movie. When a person on the street answered that he liked the Bill Murray’s 1988 Christmas classic the host gave him $1.

"What?!" the 48-year-old Elf star replied looking upset before grabbing the dollar back out of the man’s hand.

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Although his latest antics are hilarious, nothing can top when Eicnher had Rachel Dratch compete in the “Leah Remini’s Escape From Scientology” obstacle course. To see the hilarious bit, watch the video below.