27 Things We Learned About Britney Spears From Her Wonderfully Bizarre Instagram


You know how some celebrities don’t actually run their own social media accounts? They have a lowly assistant or someone post as them instead? We’re pretty sure Britney Spears runs her own.

Britney’s Instagram, while the No. 1 source for mirror shots of her abs...

Is also chock-full of random quotes, random memes, and random photos of random things. She’s like that aunt who still forwards chain emails that say if you forward it to 15 people you’ll find true love, even though it’s 2015. (Almost 2016!)

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Don’t get us wrong: We prefer it this way. Most famous people just fill their Instagrams with selfies and self-promotion. You learn so much more about a star when they post like Britney. For example, here are 27 things we learned while Insta-creeping her:

1. Britney never misses a #SexySunday:

A tradition we’re pretty sure she invented.

2. Britney followed up the success of her #SexySunday hashtag with a new, Spear-itual movement, the hashtag #FaithFriday:

3. Britney prays in the morning:

4. And Britney prays elsewhere:

Perhaps, at night. Or before a nice meal.

5. Sometimes Britney has crazy days:

6. Britney is friends with Albert Einstein:

7. And Britney learns something new every day:

Coming soon: #TheoryOfRelativityThursday!

8. Britney is very into space:

9. Like, veeeeeeeeeeerry into space:

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10. Britney loves the water:

11. Britney loves a meme:

12. Britney LOVES a meme:

13. Britney loves an inspirational quote:

14. Britney loves a fun, sassy quote too:

15. Because Britney’s not like a cool mom, she’s a *regular* mom:

You KNOW your mom would love this quote.

16. And just like you, Britney doesn’t know why she is single:

17. Britney is never without a box of crackers:


18. Britney is not a fan of basic-ass COLD bread:

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19. Britney does not let her forehead get in the way of her literacy:

20. What is even happening here?

21. What?

22. ?

23. ???

24. ?!

25. ???????????

26. ?!?!?

27. Never change, Britney.

Plus, Britney had one of the best celebrity dance moments of 2015! Check out all 13 now:

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