EXCLUSIVE: Anne Geddes Gives Never-Before-Seen Look at How She Creates Her Famous Baby Calendars

After more than 20 years, Anne Geddes is letting cameras capture the behind-the-scenes process.

World-renowned photographer Anne Geddes has been releasing her famous baby calendars for more than two decades, but she's only now letting cameras capture the behind-the-scenes process.

"Generally, if [the babies] are warm and they've got a full tummy, and we've got a very warm studio here, they will sleep," Geddes told ET. "But I could prove myself to be a liar in a few minutes time!"

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When ET came to the New York studio, the theme of the day was Virgo, which happens to be Geddes' zodiac sign. She proceeded to explain the secret to getting those sweet snaps.

"When they come to the studio, the first thing we do is we get them undressed and just in a diaper and we wrap them in a soft cloth," Geddes shared. "Then we get the moms to feed them, and they go off to sleep. Everything needs to revolve around the babies once they come on set. We spent all of yesterday setting this up and lighting it and making sure everything's absolutely perfect."

Geddes' props are always baby-friendly and the tiny tykes are never left unattended. In fact, Geddes' assistant was needed to hold the babies during some of the shoots, which then requires Photoshop magic to crop her out of the pics.

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Just three babies were used on the day of ET's visit, but 31 little ones will model for the 2017 calendar before it's all said and done.

"The world is turning into such a horrible place, and there is so much fear, and there is so much bitterness, and there is so much anger," Geddes said. "If you look at a little newborn baby, you just think about the absolute purity and the potential that is sitting right there for goodness."

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