Forever Inked: 3 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos After Major Breakups

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Love fades, but tattoos can last forever.

Here are the celebrities who have gotten ink to commemorate their splits.

WATCH: Ben Affleck Sports a Giant Back Tattoo On Set Of His New Movie

1. Ben Affleck: After his 10-year marriage to Jennifer Garner ended in June, we first noticed his phoenix tattoos in July. We finally got a full look at the body art this month on the set of his upcoming movie, Live by Night. A source tells ET that Affleck got the tattoo in a private wing in Garner's L.A. home, which he currently resides. While it's unclear if the tattoo is real, it doesn't seem likely that it was done just for the movie, since the film hadn't begun production when we first spotted the ink.

WATCH: Nick Cannon Talks Covering Up Mariah Carey Back Tattoo

2. Nick Cannon: After splitting from Mariah Carey last year, the actor was seen with crucifix tattoo on his back that completely eclipsed the "Mariah" tattoo that had been there previously. Cannon spoke to ET about the giant tattoo last year. "Everyone's like, 'He's trying to cover up the previous ones.' To me it's just life. The back art is not to say I'm over that situation. That's a part of me, so it's like I incorporated it into what the new art is."

WATCH: Kaley Cuoco Covers Marriage Tattoo

3. Kaley Cuoco: The Big Bang Theory star wanted no physical reminders of ex Ryan Sweeting after they called it quits in September. She had their New Year's Eve wedding date ink covered up last month with the image of a butterfly. "I tend to rush into a lot of things. I do," Cuoco told ET in January. "Things just happen fast. Ryan and I got married fast and everyone thought we rushed into it." In an Instagram post documenting the painful process she gave herself some sage advice: "Note to self -- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates."