2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Reality TV-Obsessed Friends

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Finding the perfect gift for someone is never easy, but if your friend is obsessed with reality TV, we've totally got you covered.

From the Kim Kardashian fan in your life to the Blake Shelton wannabe, we've found the perfect gift to match your friend's favorite reality TV star. (And hey, it may be the season of giving, but you might find a little something for yourself too! We know you really, really relate to Kylie Jenner.)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

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Is your friend the first on the dance floor and the last one off? Are they the life of every party you go to? From the fist bump to the New Jersey Turnpike, does she always have the best dance moves? Well, you just might have a budding Jersey Shore girl on your hands!

Best Gift: LIQS Premium Cocktail Shots

Price: $35 gift box


Forget a chaser! These "cocktails in a shot glass" can be easily taken straight or poured over ice. It's the perfect present for all the party gals on your list.

Sadie Robertson

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Can't decide if it's the down-home charm or silly personality you love most about your friend? Do your parents always approve when you hang out with this pal? Even though she's a total girly girl, is OK with getting a little dirty in the great outdoors? Then it's time to shop for your Duck Dynasty darling!

Best Gift: BelieveTek phone case by Sadie Robertson

Price: $19.99


What's more unique than a phone case covered with adorable ducks? Designed by Sadie herself, the cute phone case features the star's catchphrase, "Live Original."

Derek Hough

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Is your buddy's health his No. 1 priority? Can you only hang out together after he hits the gym? Does he look better with his shirt off than on? Lucky you -- you get to stare at your very own Dancing With the Stars stud!

Best Gift: Microsoft Band 2

Price: $259.99


This fitness tracking tool not only tracks your steps but also monitors your heart rate and keeps track of sleeping patterns. The product easily fits into everyday life as well -- providing your pal with email, text and calendar notifications.

Kim Kardashian

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Does your friend look flawless day or night? Do you ever wonder how her skin is always on fleek? Is she a total fashionista and consistently down with the latest trends? Is she always busy with tons of projects? You're totally keeping up with a Kardashian.

Best Gift: Night Pillow

Price: $150  (Use code ET20 for 20% off your purchase!)


Why should you only work on your beauty routine while awake? This silk miracle pillow not only helps you wake up with healthy, shiny hair, it also hydrates your skin and stimulates melatonin. Not all beauty sleep is created equal! Kim should know -- we can't figure out when she actually sleeps.

Nene Leakes

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Does your BFF have total diva tendencies? Is she not afraid to speak her mind, but you can also tell exactly how she's feeling with one glance at her face? When it comes to style, is the more expensive the better? Could your pal actually be Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Best Gift: Westbrook Frames

Price: Varies


These sunglasses are incredibly stylish and would be perfect for blocking out any hater. These shades, created by NBA star Russell Westbrook, have so many different styles to choose from, you could find a pair for anyone on your gift list.

Kylie Jenner

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Does your friend share everything, including her personal style, on social media? Is every status update accopmanied by the perfect duck face? It's time to shop for your mini Kylie.

Best Gift: Thalia Sodi for Macy's Shoes

Price: Varies


These super stylish shoes are not only affordable, but there are also a ton of options to show off anyone's personal style. From platforms to booties, everything looks super chic yet a bit edgy -- perfect for stealing the spotlight!

Nikki Bella

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When she's not at her boxing class, is your bestie cycling or hitting up a local juice bar? Does she look amazing in a two-piece at the beach, but you're also pretty sure she could beat up your boyfriend? Then your friend has a case of the Total Divas.

Best Gift: CARBON38

Price: $8-635


Every product on the sportswear site Carbon 38 is test-driven by fitness and lifestyle experts to make sure their items are of top-notch quality. Any sports fanatic would love a gift from the site. (And just a hint, no girl can have too many pairs of comfy leggings!)

Ben Higgins

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Does your guy pal always have his life together? Is he supremely handsome but also super sweet? Does he have a way with the ladies -- and all of them chasing after him? You're so lucky, because you a Bachelor.

Best Gift: Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate

Price: $74


Make any bachelor or boyfriend smell absolutely delicious with this fragrance. The scent is a mix of citrus and cucumber, and it makes guys irresistible.

Kourtney Kardashian

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Does your friend only use 100 percent organic products? Would she never be caught dead eating anything with preservatives? Does she call everyone out for unhealthy lifestyle choices? You're totally friends with a Kourtney!

Best Gift: Erno Laszlo Cleansing Ritual Trio

Price: $45


This daily cleansing ritual is perfect for anyone who cares about what they're putting on their skin. Using mud from the Dead Sea, the three-step process is perfect for softening skin, cleansing and refining pores. The KUWTK star herself is actually a fan of this amazing product!

Blake Shelton

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Does the man in your life enjoy nothing more than kicking back with a drink in his hand and some country tunes playing in the background? Is he a small town boy at heart? Is he not afraid to speak his mind -- ever? Blake Shelton? Is that you?

Best Gift: Master's Collection Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Price: $99.99


This limited edition sweet and soft liquor comes in a gorgeous holiday bottle, which would make any bourbon fan very excited. We think The Voice judge would approve.