Tina Fey Gets Adorably Awkward Talking About Her Super Nerdy Past

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Tina Fey doesn’t deny that she was a total nerd growing up.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, the Sisters star shared some stories from her dorky upbringing that even made her cringe.

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A self-proclaimed “late starter,” Fey admitted to not seeing “a penis until I was at least 20 -- and that was probably in a medical journal, so I didn’t see a healthy penis until well into my late.”

“It’s still horrible looking!” she joked.

Norton also brought up the fact that Fey developed early -- and thankfully admitted how weird it was to discuss. The 45-year-old actress agreed while gleefully jumping into a story about puberty.

“I remember my mom taking me to JCPenney and trying a bra over my clothes in the middle of JCPenney and just being like ‘No, mommy! No!’” she said as Kurt Russell and Josh Widdicombe, who were also guests on the show, sat beside her in stitches.

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We also got a glimpse at the 30 Rock alum’s early days with a throwback photo that Fey basically admits proves her entire point about having an awkward childhood.

Fey doesn’t have much shame (you go, girl!), and she’s proven this before on late shows. Get a glimpse of her Spanx-wearing glory during one of her last appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman in the video below.