Chris Hemsworth Dresses in Drag, Calls Himself 'Hot' on 'Saturday Night Live'


Even Chris Hemsworth thinks he's hot!

The Thor actor hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 12 for the second time this year, and in one of his many comical skits from the night, he went undercover in drag to find out if ladies still find "C. Hemmy" attractive.

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Hemsworth killed it as "Claire," wearing a long brunette wig and body-hugging dress to brunch.

The conversation begins when one of the girls, Megan, brings up Magic Mike XXL and announces that Channing Tatum is "the hottest." The girls then gush over other Hollywood heartthrobs -- like Zac Efron and Bradley Cooper. That's when Claire chimes in, asking, "What about Chris Hemsworth in Thor?"

"Totally good call, Claire," Megan says.

"A hunky Australian in sexy armor? Yes, please!" another girl at the table says.

"I'd rather see him out of the armor," Claire adds. "Am I right, bitches?"

"That scene [in Thor] where he comes home from battle and has his shirt off?" she continues. "Yum, yum, yum!"

Totes, ladies!

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Watch the full video below.

While Hemsworth in disguise was the clear standout, there were a few funny sketches in the otherwise average episode. Here are four other must-see moments:

Will Ferrell Reprises His Role as George W. Bush

The Elf actor made a surprise appearance on Saturday, returning to give his legendary impression of George W. Bush in the episode's cold open. In the skit, the comedian expresses his views on this year's pool of presidential candidates, calling Donald Trump a knucklehead and announcing that he, too, would be joining the presidential bid. "The field of Republicans out there is so messed up, I figured you all miss me, don't you?"

Kids Question Adults Decisions Over Keeping Star Wars Action Figures In Boxes

In this commercial parody for Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures, it's a battle between adults and kids. The child actors are playing with their own Star Wars toys when the adults walk in and explain that they like to keep their collector items boxed up and "never touch them," which does nothing but confuse the kids.

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Hemsworth Suits Up As a Very Busy Cop

In this skit, Hemsworth stars as Peter Pulaski, a smoldering cop that gets shot but doesn't "have time to bleed" as he has a slew of work to finish. When his partner, played by Sasheer Zamata, suggests that he goes to see a doctor, he starts to hit on her, saying, "Maybe you can kiss it and make it better?" Watch below to hear more of his memorable one-liners.

Chance the Rapper Makes His SNL Debut

The rapper took the stage to premiere his new song, "Somewhere in Paradise," with Jeremih and a full choir. He also revealed that following the show, fans could download it for free on his website.

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Last weekend, Ryan Gosling made his SNL hosting debut, but he could not keep it together, giggling for the majority of the show.

Watch the video below to see the hilarious highlights.