Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Celebrated Her Birthday Together at a Christmas Party

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Tayvin lives!

Taylor Swift previously said she planned to have a "quiet" 26th birthday, but she didn't warn us that she was having a very Calvin birthday! It turns out the singer celebrated her big day with boyfriend Calvin Harris, as evidenced by this selfie:

The photo was taken by Jamie Iovine (son of Apple exec Jimmy Iovine) at his family’s Christmas party, which included a hill for sledding -- with snow! Right here in Los Angeles! -- and a pen of real-life penguins.

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Though it wasn't a bash for Taylor's birthday, a source tells ET that there was a cake for the pop star and Jessica Iovene, Jimmy's daughter who celebrated a birthday that same day.

In a Snapchat posted on DJ Snake’s account, Calvin can be heard saying, “They don’t want us to get a picture with Santa, but we did!”

And get a picture with Santa they did:

Taylor and Calvin -- or Tayvin, as the couple is known to shippers -- have been laying low in recent months, at least compared to the whirlwind romance that was this summer. Which may be because Taylor has been on an epic world tour. Or because Calvin is one of the most in-demand DJs in the world.

Either way, Tayvin fans are FREAKING OUT.

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It’s safe to say Jamie Iovine has noticed:

In non-Tayvin related news, but still in birthday-related news, Taylor showed off a pie baked for her by the newest #squad member, Blake Lively:

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