High Praise! The Real-Life Inspiration for 'Joy' Says Jennifer Lawrence's Portrayal Is 'Perfect'

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ET tracked down the inspiration for the upcoming Jennifer Lawrence movie, Joy, getting her take on the film.

Joy Mangano was a divorced mother in her 30s back in the '90s when she imagined a self-wringing mop. The product was originally a bust on QVC, but soon after Mangano convinced an executive to let her do the talking instead of a spokesmodel, the mop started flying off the shelves.

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"It absolutely is surreal," Mangano told ET about seeing her life inspire a major film.

And what about having the hottest actress on the planet play a character inspired by her?

"I think it's perfect!" Mangano gushed.

J.Law admitted to being intimidated by Mangano's accomplishments.

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"I was nervous to meet her," Lawrence admitted to ET. "I didn't really have any questions, because I didn't even know where to begin, you know?"

Lawrence patterns her look off of Mangano in the movie, as well as her grit and drive.

"Who showed you the mop?" Lawrence says in a movie clip. "Who sold it to you? Who taught you how to use it, and who convinved you it was great after you thought it was worthless?"

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Today, Mangano is still in business and holds more than 100 patents on her inventions.

Joy, also starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, opens Christmas Day.