Raven-Symone Defends Lindsay Lohan on 'The View' After Jennifer Lawrence Dig

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Raven-Symone is weighing in on Jennifer Lawrence and Lindsay Lohan's surprising feud.

On Wednesday's episode of The View, the outspoken 30-year-old co-host defended Lohan, her one-time roommate. Lohan recently fired back at Lawrence, after the Oscar-winning actress took an offhand dig at the embattled star's longtime history with drugs and alcohol.

"She has had problems in her life from family to work, and again, nobody ever believes me, but people in the industry have problems too," Raven-Symone told the panel about Lohan. "Just because you have a lot of money ... You know what I'm talking about. People hate when I talk about it but I don't care, because I have issues too, and just because I'm a celebrity and I'm famous and I have money, it doesn't mean I don't have issues."

"I'm still a human first," she stressed. "And Lindsay has issues that need to be taken care of."

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Still, Raven-Symone supported Lawrence's right to poke fun at Lohan's past.

"We are public domain, that's the sad part," she said. "As a celebrity, you're public domain. Our lives get talked about even when we don't want it talked about, or if we do want it talked about. So anyone trying to start a fight with those two, that's public domain."

When co-host Joy Behar commented that Lohan's past might be a "pathetic case," and therefore it can be argued that jokes about her should be taken off the table, the former That's So Raven star didn't agree.

"She's not a pathetic face," she said. "She's had problems."

The drama between 25-year-old Lawrence and 29-year-old Lohan all started when the Joy actress talked about her strong work ethic during her interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colberton Monday night. "I don't stop working because I am a show pony," Lawrence said. "I don't have a choice. So I just keep going until my body is like, 'If we don't make her barf or pass out, she won't stop.' I get, like, Lindsay Lohan-grade exhaustion, but without any drugs or alcohol. I'm always in bed early. I'm still tired."

Not long after, both Lohan and Lohan's younger sister, 21-year-old Aliana Lohan, fired back on Twitter. "I never breathe life into negativity but I stand by my family," Aliana tweeted. "Disappointed in Jennifer Lawrence. You lost a fan."

Lohan replied to Aliana's tweet, writing, "Thank you sister... Maybe who you're referring to should learn to support others like #mayaangelou," she wrote. Angelou's quote, "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise," is pictured in the tweet.

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Not surprisingly, Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, stood by her famous daughter when she weighed in on the feud to ET.

"We love Jennifer Lawrence, we have always been fans of hers," she said in a statement. "It was all unfortunate that she used Lindsay as a reference of not showing up to set, and that whole bit. It was disappointing that she didn't have her peers’ back. You shouldn’t trash anyone, it was just surprising. My family sticks together."

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