Kim Zolciak Says She Was Born With a Thigh Gap

The reality star defends her figure.

Kim Zolciak claims she doesn't have any tricks to attain a thigh gap.

The reality star
posted yet another sexy selfie on Wednesday night, and defended her figure. "Date night but only have an hour! Gotta make time ? even if it's quick," she Instagrammed to her 1.8 million followers. "I don't need to stick my butt out or point my feet in to have a thigh gap I have one even if I stand on my head."

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Kim hashtagged the photo: "#BornWithIt #ILoveYouJuicy #IDontPostForYourOpinion #ItsMYIGSoIPostPicsOfMe #ThatsNothingNew."

Natural or not, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star doesn't miss an opportunity to snap a selfie of her thigh gap.

After receiving some negative comments for her post -- including people calling her "shallow" and "fake" -- Kim shared an inspirational message that seemed to be aimed at her haters. "Should you ever find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, smallness, or insecurities remember things could be worse. You could be them," Kim quoted with the hashtag #truth.

While she denies posing to give herself a thigh gap, the mother-of-six did admit last week that she had a tummy tuck. "So you all know after the twins I had a hernia and while fixing the hernia I opted to have a tummy tuck as well! My scar is very low and very thin much thanks to @drhochstein ? but I still had a scar. I could wear bikinis you would never see it," the 37-year-old reality star captioned another selfie. "I showed @simonourianmd1 my scar he did coolaser on it ONE treatment and look!!!! You can't even see my scar!! I love these 'Baywatch' bathing suits but never thought j could wear one! THANK YOU to 2 amazing doctors who love what they do and they do it with passion!"

Kim also came under fire this year for endorsing waist training, and claiming to have lost four inches off her physique with the product. "I have horrible posture (carrying the twins did me in) and it really helps that too at least for me," she told ET, adding that she wears her waist trainer five hours a day. "I recommend the waist trainer because it works so well for me and I like to share with you guys what products I love since there are so many out there!"

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