They're Here! Get Your First Look at the New 'Ghostbusters' Posters

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Who you gonna call?

Whoever designed these Ghostbusters posters, because they’re badass.

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You already got a peek at the Ghostbusters' cast in all their suited-up, green-backlit glory, and now -- just one day later! -- we've been graced with the reboot's slick posters.

A decided upgrade from their '80s counterparts, the four individual one-sheets released on Thursday feature heavily contrasted black-and-white images, each featuring a different piece of the Ghostbusters' uniform highlighted in shiny bold hues.

Melissa McCarthy
(Abby Yates) and Kate McKinnon (Jillian Holtzmann) both rock upgraded proton packs (The gun lights up red -- look at it glow!), while Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan) rocks a high tech-looking ghost trap.

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As for Kristen Wiig (Erin Gilbert), she probably has the coolest poster of all -- her brooding photo features the Ghostbusters logo in all its iconic glory.

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Just like their male counterparts 30 years ago, this group of crafty ladies have their names stitched onto their uniforms, and they're clearly ready to smoke some ghosts right back to the other world (or wherever it is that ghosts go after they've been sucked into a tiny black box).

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If you weren't excited before, these stylized close-ups should do the trick.

But seriously, where is Chris Hemsworth? Would someone show us the male Annie Potts Kevin already? We're not asking that much...