Watch Kylie Jenner Lose Her Mind Over Tyga When He Crashes the Kardashian Family Vacation

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Kylie Jenner is clearly head over heels for Tyga.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the usually stoic Kylie can't contain her excitement when Tyga arrives in St. Barts to spend time with the 18-year-old reality star during the annual Kardashian family vacation.

Kylie screams when she sees the 26-year-old "Rack City" rapper's plane land.

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"I am so excited to see Tyga," Kylie says. "I love having T around. I feel like he just keeps me sane, and he always does everything that I want to do and we love going on adventures."

Kylie then runs into Tyga's arms when they meet up, squealing, "Yay!"

The over-the-top reaction is especially surprising given that the two spent time together in Mexico just days before the Kardashian trip to St. Barts in August.

"This is the first time I'm bringing a guy on a family trip, so I'm a little nervous about how it's gonna go," Kylie later admits.

And now we know not everyone was happy with Tyga's presence during the Kardashian family vacay -- specifically, Kylie's older sister, 20-year-old Kendall Jenner.

"You could have taken this time to be with your family," Kendall chastises her younger sister in another preview for the upcoming episode. "I was really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you."

"She doesn't have her priorities straight," Kendall adds.

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Kylie and Tyga recently went through some relationship drama, when they split shortly before his 26th birthday party, but got back together before the weekend was over.

"Honestly, people have it all wrong," Kylie said when Ellen DeGeneres asked her to clear up all the reports last month. "We're not broken up. ... We're still together."

Watch Kylie uncomfortably talk about Tyga in the video below.

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