ET Tracks Down 'A Christmas Story' Stars: Ralphie Is All Grown Up and Producing Movies!

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Peter Billingsley, most famous for playing Ralphie in A Christmas Story, dished to ET about how to successfully navigate through Hollywood as a child actor. Plus, we found out where his ChristmasStory co-stars are now!

After giving the world some of the most iconic Christmas scenes ever, Billingsley, who was just 12 when the movie premiered in 1983, is now a successful 44-year-old Hollywood producer.

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"Having been a child actor, you just have to keep your head on straight and do the work," Billingsley told ET at the Zathura premiere in 2005.

Three years later, Billingsley executive produced his biggest movie -- Iron Man.

As for his co-stars? Zack Ward, who played the bully in the raccoon-skin hat, is 45 now and lives in Los Angeles.

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"I'm still in the film industry," he told ET. "I'm now producing, directing, editing and writing. There's a film out right now called Don't Blink that I produced with Mena Suvari and Brian Austin Green. It's on Netflix."

Ian Petrella, who played Ralphie's little brother Randy, is now a puppeteer living in Ohio.

"There is a scene where Randy gets thrown down the slide, and he's terrified and you're thinking, 'Wow! You are really good!' No, I'm just really scared," Petrella, 41, told ET. "It wasn't the most stable of sets. It wobbled a lot."

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Watch the video to see Petrella recreate his freakout moment on the slide for ET!