Miley Cyrus Wraps Up Milky Milky Milk Tour With Rainbows, Pasties and Pamela Anderson

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"She's just being Miley" took on a whole new meaning on the last night of Miley Cyrus' Milky Milky Milk Tour.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer announced to the sold-out crowd at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday that not only did she want everybody to get as "f**ked up" as possible, but the entire show was going to be an opportunity for her to be her most authentic self.

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What that apparently meant was dressing up in a different outfit for nearly every other song. The combination of glittery or barely there costumes were on the nose for which ever tune she was belting out from her latest album, Her Dead Petz.

Miley, pink eyebrows and all, opened with "Dooo It!" Huge silver balloons spelling out the song's title bobbed towards the back of the crowd as Miley bounced on stage wearing green-and-blonde braids and a gold "DO" bra and "IT" skirt combo before swapping into one of her more covered-up looks of the evening, a smiley face-adorned sun.

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During "BB Talk," Miley literally came on stage as a baby, which transitioned into a caged strip show that eventually brought her to just heart pasties over her lady parts. Other outfits included a crescent moon outfit, disco ball -- she was literally dressed head-to-toe in glistening mirrors as a giant disco ball (that fans secretly hoped was actually a glowing wrecking ball) shined behind her -- and "gangsta butter." She whipped out the latter to perform "Slab of Butter (Scorpion)," and it quickly transformed into a bedazzled silver milk carton with faux white liquid pouring over her crotch for "Milky Milky Milk."

The 23-year-old singer performed in the latter while singing her tribute to Pablow, her blowfish. This was her most emotionally candid moment amongst many in the two-hour set, as she discussed her dead pets and admitted she "felt a deeper connection to a blowfish than a human."

The clear fan favorite look, however, was her encore ensemble: a pornicorn. Dressed up in a rainbow wig, unicorn horn, silver strap, thigh-high boots and a strap-on dildo, Miley waved a glowing wand around while she belted out "Karen Don't Be Sad," one of the songs that seemed to resonate most with the crowd. She bounded on stage a knowing smirk, fully aware of what she was doing with her double horns. The obvious add-on even seemed to bring her an extra burst of power, not that her commanding voice needed it.

"This isn't my real crotch," Miley announced after tearing the dildo off at the end of "Karen." "These aren't my real boobs."

"They seem disappointed," she admitted as she turned to face Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, who has both collaborated and toured with the pop star.

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The biggest energy burst of the evening came during the very last song, which was the only throwback Miley gave fans -- a rousing rendition of "We Can't Stop" that had the entire crowd singing and jumping along as confetti poured over the theater. It was tough to figure out where to look, since Miley was joined on stage by a dancing rainbow, drag queens, a man in a glittery pepperoni pizza onesie, two weed faeries and Pamela Anderson.

Yes, Pamela Anderson.

A well-known vegan animal advocate, much like Miley, the former Baywatch babe shimmied on stage holding up a sign reading "Save the whales."


The only reason Miley stopped was because the clock struck midnight and, eventually, everyone working at the theater needed to go home, a fact the she pointed out at least twice during the encore.

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For any fans who could still remember their evening, seeing as Miley herself smoked on stage (naturally), the takeaways appeared to be: Party forever, don't hurt animals, go vegan, you can never have too much glitter and do not, by any means, pick up that stray pasty you see on the carpet.

"Party in the U.S.A." barely explains the high energy, kaleidoscope of this end-of-the-tour show, all the more fitting for ending in Miley's home state of California.

It's very well known that scandalous states of mind are kind of Miley's thing. Check out her recent NSFW photoshoot for Candy magazine in the video below.