Kim Kardashian Celebrates 55 Million Instagram Followers Just Days After Kris Jenner's Milestone


The selfie queen won't be relinquishing her crown any time soon!

Two days after Kris Jenner celebrated the 10 million milestone on Instagram, Kim Kardashian puckered up to fans to celebrate reaching 55 million followers on the social media site on Sunday.

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As you can imagine, there were a lot of exclamation points in the shot taken in her Rolls Royce, plus all-caps declarations of "OMG" and "LOVE YOU SO MUCH."

The photo marked the first one Kim has shared of herself since giving birth to her son, Saint West, earlier this month.

This was, by far, the least scandalous of Kim's celebration selfies. The then-pregnant reality TV star flashed her decolletage in a grainy selfie when she hit 45 million followers in September.

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Just one month earlier, we were graced with even more cleavage in a photo that cut off most of Kim's face when she reached 42 million fans.

But it was the celebration after finding out she hit the 27 million mark back in February that truly made social media tongues wag, as the 35-year-old mom of two chose to pose in a leopard print thong for the occasion.

If you've been keeping track, you've realized that those numbers add up to a gain of 28 million followers in just 10 months.

Keep doing you, Kim!

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While Kris has quite a ways to go to reach her daughter's massive numbers (all of her five girls impressive followings, actually), she was still pretty happy to celebrate her loyal following on Friday with a collage featuring her daughters, grandkids… and Karl Lagerfeld.

Listen, everyone has their own ways of celebrating milestones -- even social media ones.

In addition to her announcement that basically every human being on the planet is anxiously awaiting her selfies, Kim also shared some news on Sunday: Her new app, Kimoji, is set to launch Monday.

Earlier this week, Kim shared a throwback pic as Princess Leia. Check out her co-starring role alongside now-husband Kanye West in the video below.

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