Ryan Reynolds Shows What Deadpool and Kim Kardashian Texting Each Other Would Be Like (And We've Got Questions


Ryan Reynolds is putting those new Deadpool and Kim Kardashian emojis to use!

The Marvel movie and the reality star both debuted their very own personalized emoji keyboards on Monday, so the 39-year-old Deadpool star thought he'd simulate a text conversation between his character in the upcoming super hero film and "Kimmie K."

"WOW. This is an ACTUAL chat between #Deadpool & @KimKardashian that totally didn't happen," Ryan wrote.

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OK, reading this conversation brings to mind the following questions:

Who is texting as Kimmie K? (Please tell us it's Blake Lively)

Why does Kimmie K have such an issue with Deadpool?

Is Deadpool throwing up in the last text?

Is Deadpool signifying that Kimmie's pregnant Kim emoji makes him nauseous?

Is the yellow speech bubble created especially for Deadpool??

We may never get these questions answered, but Ryan and Kim sure seem excited about their new respective emojis. Kim has been posting several text conversations between her and her family and friends promoting her own "Kimoji" set.

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Here's a look at some of your Kimoji options:

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While the Deadpool emoji keyboard is free, the Kimoji app will set you back $1.99.

Even though he clearly purchased the Kimoji keyboard, Ryan for some reason doesn't think he's cool anymore. Watch him talk about becoming "the dad guy" below.