5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford Praises Justin Bieber After Controversial 'Rolling Stone' Article

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Looks like 5 Seconds of Summer has some explaining to do following their much talked-about Rolling Stone interview.

The Australian band's shockingly candid chat with the magazine included not just frank details about their sex life -- hint, they "had a good time" on tour -- but also a not so flattering tale about Justin Bieber's post-American Music Awards party they crashed at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood, California.

"I think he hates us," 20-year-old Michael Clifford said about the "Sorry" singer. "It was f**king crazy, people standing on tables and s**t. I probably shouldn't say this, but he had his own album on loop for, like, two or three hours."

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Judging by his Twitter, Bieber got word of the mention, and tweeted -- then subsequently deleted -- his own thoughts.

"Sometimes I wonder ... what the hell did I have to do with that?? lol" he reportedly wrote, before calling out Clifford in particular. "@michael5SOS wish u the best. Don't use my name for headlines. U are already on the cover. U don't need it. Just be honest. Big hugs bud."

"@michael5SOS Sorry guy. Don't hate you. Don't even know u," he added. "And are u sure u came to our party because my album wasn't on loop? Strange."

Clifford later responded to Bieber on Twitter, calling himself a "big fan" and smoothing over the beef.

"@justinbieber done nothing but praise ur album; no idea why that's even in the article," he wrote. "Big fan since the start man, take care."

Of course, this isn't the first time the band has admitted they've thought the 21-year-old singer wasn't a fan of theirs. ET caught up with the foursome at the AMAs in November, when they told us Bieber might have bad blood with them following 19-year-old Luke Hemmings' admitted crush on Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez.

"We think that Justin Bieber actually hates us and we're actually worried that it's because of this strange rumor," Clifford said.

"I just wanna be friends with Justin Bieber," Hemmings added, explaining he’d be fine looking past his crush on Gomez if that would help.

Still, Bieber isn't the only one who has issues with 5 Seconds of Summer's Rolling Stone interview. Some fans expressed their disappointment at a few of the band’s candid comments to the magazine, including 21-year-old Ashton Irwin's quote on wanting to be seen as "a real band."

"Seventy-five percent of our lives is proving we're a real band," Irwin said. "We're getting good at it now. We don't want to just be, like, for girls."

Clifford later gave a shout out to their fans on Friday, and even criticized the Rolling Stone article.

"Hate when people include everything in an article EXCEPT the reason we're a band; the fans," he tweeted.

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Watch the video below to see ET's 5 Seconds of Summer chat at the AMAs.

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