Another Reason The Rock Is the Best -- He Gave His Uncle a Car for Christmas!


Bet you wish The Rock had been your Secret Santa this year...

Dwayne Johnson revealed on Instagram that he bought his “Uncle Tonga” -- a WWE wrestler who went by the name King Haku and the person who lent The Rock his first pair of bright purple wrestling shorts, a new truck for Christmas.

“We walk outside and I said ‘Uncle, how do you like my truck?’" Johnson says. "He said, ‘Whoooaaa, nephew, it's beautiful... I love it!’ I said ‘Good, 'cause it's yours.' He was speechless. Thru tears (manly, of course) we monster hugged, 'cause I'll never forget what he did for me when I had nothing.”

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As for what you get the man who seemingly has everything: Gum. Johnson showed off his favorite gifts in another ‘Gram:

Although, we have a feeling his favorite present this year was his newborn daughter, Jasmine, who he welcomed with girlfriend Lauren Hashain on Dec. 16.

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