A Pregnant Ivanka Trump Stuns in New Photoshoot, Admits She Doesn't Always Agree With Dad Donald Trump

Town and Country

Ivanka Trump definitely has that pregnancy glow.

The 34-year-old businesswoman covers the latest issue of Town & Country, looking gorgeous in a fitted black gown that shows off her burgeoning baby bump. Ivanka announced she's expecting her third child with her husband, real estate developer Jared Kushner, in September. In the new interview, Ivanka talks candidly about her father, 69-year-old Donald Trump, and his controversial presidential run.

Town and Country

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"He is running for the highest elective office in this country, and arguably the world," Ivanka says. "It's amazing to see how his message has resonated and what he’s been able to accomplish as a non-politician with a very strong point of view."

"He's my father and I love him and I fully support him," Ivanka adds, although she points out that she's technically not part of his campaign. "I'm always there for him if it's helpful."

Still, Ivanka admits that she doesn't always agree with some of his more controversial behavior.

"Well, I'm his daughter. In a political capacity, I don't [admonish him]," she shares. "It's his campaign. I don't feel that's my role. But I would challenge him as a child. That's what children do. [My daughter] Arabella challenges me every day. People ask me, do I ever disagree with my father? It would be a little strange if I didn't."

Though when it comes to accusations that her father is sexist, Ivanka is his biggest defender.

"You could also list a few comments he's made about men that are unflattering," she says about headline-making comments he's made about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly and about fellow presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina. "I think he's highly gender-neutral. If he doesn't like someone he'll articulate that, and I think it's also part of what resonates about him. He'll say what he's thinking. I think that's very refreshing, because with most politicians I've witnessed, you have no idea if what's coming out of their mouths is married to their viewpoints."

She would even go so far as to call Donald a feminist.

"He 100 percent believes in equality of gender, so, yes, absolutely -- socially, politically, and economically," she says. "He has confidence in women to do any job that a man can do, and my whole life has been proof of that."

Town and Country

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In September, ET caught up with another daughter of a presidential hopeful -- 35-year-old Chelsea Clinton -- who dished on her surprisingly close friendship with Ivanka.

"Ivanka and I talk about everything," Chelsea, who's coincidentally also currently expecting, said. "I'm so grateful she's my friend. I think she's a great woman, and I support her as I support all my friends."

Watch below: