Here's a Video of Mike Tyson Epically Failing and Falling Off a Hoverboard

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There are a million ways Mike Tyson is not like a regular dad, but here is at least one way he is exactly like your own dad: He almost ruined Christmas by falling off his kid's hoverboard.

We don’t know what our favorite part of this video is -- his giggling as he rides his daughter's bright pink hoverboard, her foreshadowing cry of "Daddy, I don't want you to fall" -- but we do know we could watch it on repeat all day.

"#imtoooldforthiss**t," Tyson hashtagged the Instagram video.

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The boxer’s 6-year-old daughter, Milan, is far better at hoverboarding, which she proved in her own video. (Watch this one if you want to see Mike Tyson sing opera. Why not, right?)

Tyson is only the latest unlucky father to fall prey to the Great Hoverboard Fail Epidemic of 2015. Just for fun, here are a handful of others dads to point and laugh at.

(We assume they were all OK in the end. Otherwise their kids are extra cruel.)

Speaking of dads and hoverboards, Russell Crowe went on a Twitter rant over an airline that banned his kids' boards. Find out what he had to say:

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