Carrie Underwood Admits Her 'Mom Problems' Include Getting Peed On

Motherhood isn't even glamorous for a country music superstar.

Motherhood isn't even glamorous for a country music superstar.

Carrie Underwood tweeted a message to her 4.8 million followers on Tuesday that had parents commiserating right along with her. "Welp, I got peed on this morning," Isaiah Fisher's famous mother wrote. "What a way to start the day! #momlife #MomProblems #WhereAreTheDiapers."

The tweet inspired several of the country crooner's followers to declare: "She's just like us!"

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A few days prior to her TMI parenting post, Underwood Instagrammed a sweet pic of her husband, NHL pro Mike Fisher, spending some quality time with his little son. "How we spent our man and my lil' monkey!" she captioned the pic. "He was watching cartoons...the kiddo, that is...not the hubby!"

When ET caught up with the 32-year-old singer at the American Music Awards in November, she was eager to gush over her baby boy. "I tell him that almost daily," Underwood said. "He's the best thing that me or my husband ever did -- he's amazing."

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Here's more of the American Idol alum proudly talking about her adorable family: