Sarah Silverman Defends Controversial Christmas Tweet: 'It's Funny, Beautiful, and True'

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The comedian ignited social media ire when she posted that 'Jesus was gender fluid.'

Sarah Silverman isn’t backing down from her latest controversial tweet.

The comedian ignited a social media storm over the holidays when she tweeted, “MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!”

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The tweet raised ire from followers and trolls alike, who assumed Silverman was mocking the religious figure, gender identity, or some offensive combination of the two.

On Tuesday, the 45-year-old comedian took to Twitter to share a further explanation of the tweet, though she’s not offering an apology.

“I was in Wales w my boyfriend and his family,” she shared. “I was sitting in the car on the way to his sister’s and figured I’d send out a Christmas tweet. Decided to add on a word from our collective new vocabulary since, to me, it’s funny, beautiful, and true in that He is all of us.”

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As for those who accused Silverman, who is Jewish, of targeting Christianity out of spite, she added, “The absolute best is when the (adorable) haters write ‘I’d love to see you make fun of Jews!’ Um, hi, have we met??”

To another hater who tweeted an all-caps rant, calling her a “filthy racist b****,” Silverman simply replied, “WWJD?”

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