Carrie Fisher Slams Columnist Who Says We Should Judge Her Looks: 'OK, I Quit Acting'

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Carrie Fisher has had more than enough of your sexist comments.

Most recently, it's New York Post columnist Kyle Smith with an op-ed titled, "If Carrie Fisher doesn’t like being judged on looks, she should quit acting." In it, he claims no one would know the Star Wars actress if it weren’t for her "ability to leverage her looks."

"George Lucas only cast her in the first place because she was young, slim and cute at the time," Smith assumes of her inclusion in 1977's Episode IV: A New Hope.

"OK, I quit acting. Now, can I not like being judged for my looks?" Fisher shot back on Twitter. "Tell me what to do and who to be, oh wise New York Post columnist. You GENIUS."

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“Mr. Smith doubts I’d have any success as a writer without Star Wars,” she added, of the columnist's claims that people only care about Fisher’s literary work because she played Princess Leia. “Peddling doubt about my looks and comments wasn’t enough, now he goes for my writing.”

The 59-year-old actress previously took to Twitter hoping to end conversations about her body and looks, saying those debates hurt “all three” of her feelings. “Please stop debating about whether OR not I aged well,” she said. “My BODY hasn’t aged as well as I have. Blow us.”

Smith ended his column by specifically commenting on reports of how Fisher lost weight for The Force Awakens, writing, "As for Disney’s ‘pressure’ to lose weight, she should be even more grateful for being nudged to get healthy.”

Unfortunately for him, Fisher already shot down those rumors when she said, "No one forces me to lose weight. I force them to force me.” Find out what else she had to say about it in the below interview: