'Inside Out' Without Any of the Inside Parts Is Still Sweet -- and Almost as Sad as 'Up'!


Here’s a weird request that was floated on the Internet recently: “Inside Out with none of the ‘Inside’ scenes.”

But film student Jordan Hanzon did just that, removing Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and all their emotional cohorts -- everything that made this one of our favorite Pixar movies -- and creating what is essentially a 15-minute short film.

Surprisingly, it’s still very touching:

It’s a little choppy, understandably, and nothing could truly be as sad as the first five minutes of Up, but Inside Out: Outside Edition is heartbreakingly relatable to anyone who has had to adjust to hard changes in life.

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Hanzon says the editing process was "fun and frustrating." "I took out all of the ‘inside,'" he explained. "Including the audio of [the emotions] narrating when it's 'outside.' I added soundtrack to cover up some of the areas where there was 'narration.' I tried to make the cuts smooth, but there's only so much you can do when the emotions are interrupting every god d*mn second."

Obviously, there’s only one problem with this cut: NEEDS MORE BING BONG!

Hey Pixar, could we request something? A prequel adventure with Bing Bong?

Anyway, did you spot these eight Easter eggs when you watched Inside Out?!