Steve Harvey Talks More About Miss Universe Fallout: Miss Colombia Won't Talk to Me

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Steve Harvey is not done talking about Miss Universe just yet.

The 58-year-old took some time on Tuesday's Steve Harvey Morning Show to once again address his now-infamous gaffe, specifically revealing what was going on backstage right after it happened.

"All hell broke loose," Harvey described the pandemonium. "All I heard was people say, 'That's the wrong name'...and all I hear is confusion backstage."

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That's when the TV host "took it upon [him]self" to fix it.

"I did what I was trained to do by my father," he said. "You make a mistake, own up to it, so I went out there and I said I made a mistake And I tried to fix it, I tried to fix it right there."

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The only source of lingering regret, Harvey says, is that he's been unable to talk to Miss Colombia about the mistake.

"I've had a chance to talk to Miss Philippines. I've talked to all the pageant people. I've talked to people backstage. Even me and the director had a long talk, but I haven't been able to reach out and talk to Miss Colombia," he admitted. "Now, have I tried? Yes, but have gotten not a response."

"I don't feel sorry for the pageant. The pageant will now be bigger than it's ever been," he added. "I felt for her more than me, because I haven't been waiting all my life for this moment."

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This week, ET spoke with the pageant's official winner, Pia Wurtzbach, who revealed that she "would feel the same way," if the situation was reversed.

"I understand if she feels that way," she said. "I think my supporters would feel the same way as well."

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"I hope that she realizes that this will open doors for her," Wurtzbach added. "I think that she will go far."

Watch the video below to see Miss Philippines open up more about the Miss Universe controversy.