EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Alley Chopped Off All Her Hair Because of Jennifer Lawrence: 'She is the Ideal Woman'

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Kirstie Alley has lots of love for Jennifer Lawrence!

The Cheers actress spoke to ET about her weight loss and new Jenny Craig campaign, and couldn't help but fangirl over the Joy actress, who Kirstie said inspired her new shorter hairstyle.

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"I cut my hair like she did in Joy," Kirstie revealed. "I'm obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence."

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"I've always been happy to be me until I got a load of Jennifer Lawrence," she joked. "Then it's like, 'God why do I have to be me?'"

"She's so young, she's so talented, she, to me, is the ideal woman," the 64-year-old actress added, before expanding on how a specific scene in Jennifer's latest project -- Spoilers, kinda! -- very directly influenced her own bold new cut.

"When I was watching Joy... A lot of bad things happen in her life," Kirstie explained. "So she cuts her hair in this scene. And I go, 'Yeah. You need to walk up the stairs and cut your hair….just like she did.'"

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"I used sewing scissors like her, I didn't even use hair cutting scissors,” she said. “And then I went, 'Yes, I look like Jennifer Lawrence... Sort of. I need to play her mother or grandmother."

However it comes together, we're very much on board for that pairing in a movie!

Who knows? Maybe the 25-year-old actress could make an appearance in a Cheers reunion, which Kirstie says she really would like to take part in.

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"Cheers reunion in 2017? I would love that. I would die to do it," Kirstie revealed, explaining that she recently had a mini-reunion with the cast. "It would have to be another show/ series, not just a special one-time show."

You heard her, Netflix!

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