Bristol Palin Responds to Conspiracy Theories About Daughter Sailor's Birth Date

The 25-year-old reality star fired back at allegations claiming she covered up her daughter's birth to avoid a conception scandal.

Bristol Palin is responding to conspiracy theorists who claim that her baby daughter, Sailor Grace, was actually born more than a month earlier than she announced.

The theory, which seems to originate from an post on Right Wing Crooks, alleges that the Palin family covered up Sailor’s birth in November in order to straighten out the timeline for her conception. Bristol announced her engagement to former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer in March 2015, though the wedding was called off in May.

“In a nutshell, the theory is that Bristol Palin was impregnated in or around the time she was in Las Vegas last year complaining about ‘the night that ruined her life’ a month before a Medal of Honor winner mysteriously appears to sweep her off her feet, propose and become an immediate fixture in all aspects of her public, private and online life,” another post on claims, alleging that Meyer is not the father of Bristol’s second child.

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Now, Bristol is responding to the claims and sending photographic evidence that Sailor was born on Dec. 23, as her Instagram announcement stated.

“Admitted the night of 12/22/15 when they started my IV and then day of 12/23/15 had my baby girl!” Bristol told ET, along with photos of her in the hospital with mom Sarah and one of her sisters.

The photos also show a close-up of Bristol’s IV, which includes her date of admittance, Dec. 22.

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The theory also cites Sarah Palin’s official Facebook page as evidence of the cover-up, pointing out that the former Alaska governor’s post about Sailor’s birth was geotagged from New Orleans, Louisiana, when Sarah and her family were reportedly in Alaska celebrating the birth. However, several of the recent posts on that page -- including some that appear to be photos taken in Alaska -- feature the same tag. (At the end of the day, she’s still a mom on Facebook.)

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“Never thought 2015 would play out like it did, but I look at my babies and know everything is exactly where it should be,” Bristol captioned a recent Instagram pic of her baby girl and 7-year-old son Tripp. “❤️ ?to a new year and ✌?️to anyone who's got anything to say about it ?.”

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