Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's Personal Chef Reveals Couple's Strict Dietary Demands

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When you're cooking for the world's highest-paid supermodel and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, you've got to watch what they eat.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's personal chef, Allan Campbell, revealed to Boston.comthat while the couple is "really laid back," their dietary restrictions are intense.

Campbell says the family eats 80 percent organic and fresh vegetables. He also serves whole grains -- including millet, quinoa and beans -- as well as some lean meats like duck, chicken, grass-fed organic steak and fish, with wild salmon being a favorite.

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The famous couple refuses to eat white sugar, white flour, gluten or MSG. Campbell only cooks with coconut oil instead of vegetable or olive oil, and uses Himalayan pink salt over iodized salt.

"I make conscious decisions to buy local and organic, and to stay away from GMOs, and to think about the future of the planet and the future of humans," the chef explained. "If you just eat sugar and carbs - which a lot of people do - your body is so acidic, and that causes disease."

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Campbell says that Brady and Bundchen's three kids eat the same meals their parents do about 90 percent of the time. The kids enjoy their personal chef's veggie sushi with brown rice, avocado, carrot, and cucumber, while their snacks include raw granola, raw chocolate chip cookies, and homemade fruit roll-ups.

Fans of the couple may also be surprised to learn that Brady's diet is more restrictive than his supermodel wife. The NFL pro has ruled out mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants from his diet. He also does not consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages, fungi, dairy, or most fruits.

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"I think we’ve been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, by a lot of beverage companies over the years... That's just America, and that’s what we’ve been conditioned to," Brady told the WEEI radio station in October. "We believe that Frosted Flakes is a food… You just keep eating those things, and you keep wondering why we have just incredible rates of disease in our country. No one thinks it has anything to do with what we put in our body."

Campbell wholeheartedly agrees with the 38-year-old athlete. "I love that he did that," he said. "Sugar is the death of people."

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In April, supermodel Kate Upton revealed her dietary restrictions, and they don't seem nearly as rigid after hearing how Bundchen and Brady eat. Here's a look at the blonde bombshell's daily menu: