Prince George's First Day of Nursery School Makes Our Hearts Explode -- See the Pics!

Prince George steals our hearts in cutest first day of school pic ever.

It's a royal milestone.

Prince George, 2, celebrated his first day of school on Wednesday, attending Westacre Montessori School nursery in Norfolk, England. Sporting a quilted navy coat with brown elbow patches and a powder blue backpack, George looked more than ready to learn new things and make some new friends!

"Prince George arrives for his first day at Westacre Montessori School nursery in Norfolk today," Kensington Palace captioned one of the adorable Instagram photos documenting the occasion.

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The Palace released two photos, which were taken by George's mother, Kate Middleton. "The [photos] show Prince George standing in front of the mural on the outside of the nursery building," the Palace shared.

Westacre cost $8.20 per hour -- or $49 per day to attend -- and is housed in a converted chapel.  Montessori refers to an educational style that emphasizes independent learning, and respect for the child's psychological development.

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Prince George's father, 33-year-old Prince William, recently admitted that fatherhood has made him "more emotional" in a new ITV documentary, When Ant and Dec Met the Prince: 40 Years of the Prince's Trust.

"I never used to really kind of sort of get too wound up or worried about things," Prince William, who's also a father to 8-month-old Princess Charlotte, explained. "But now, the smallest little things, I can feel. You well up a little bit more, and you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think -- as a father -- just because you realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective, the idea of not being around to see your children grow up."

Watch the candid admission below:

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