Brandi Glanville Says LeAnn Rimes Put Her Through 'Hell' During the Holidays: I'll Drink, 'Cry Myself to Sleep

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There's still no love lost between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes.

The latest issue? The 43-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she has a big problem with the country singer posting pictures of her two kids with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, on social media during the holidays. Brandi and Eddie share custody of their sons -- 12-year-old Mason and 8-year-old Jake.

"It's horrible!" Brandi said in a recent interview on the Nik Richie Podcast. "And if my ex-husband -- their dad -- isn't posting pictures, why is she? And to the public. Like, I just don't understand that, because holidays are so hard for me as it is when I don't have my kids. Then, to have the capacity to go on the computer and look to see what they're f**king doing? Like, get that vodka out! Or whatever it is. I'll, like, break out three bottles of chardonnay, cry myself to sleep, and look at what they're doing on Christmas. It's hell."

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"Because it's Christmas and that's my family, you know?" she further explained. "She's not the mom."

As recently as New Year's Day, LeAnn posted a collage of herself with Eddie, Mason, and Jake, writing, "Happy family moments of 2015! Love these boys with all my ❤️ #family #silliness #stepmom #stepsonlove #hubbylove #blessed #love #year."

It's been six years since Eddie, 42, had an affair with LeAnn, 33, after the two met on the set of their Lifetime movie, Northern Lights. The two later wed in April 2011. Still, Brandi admitted that she and LeAnn still "battle," and claimed that the "Blue" singer posts pictures of her children purposely to get a rise out of her.

"Oh, she does. It's a hundred percent," Brandi said. "And I told her, it doesn't make me mad, it hurts my feelings."

"It hurts my heart," she stressed. "It's the holidays. I'm missing half of their life as it is. I tucked my tail and I said, 'Please, just for the holidays, don't do it. It kills me.' And she's like, 'It's my family, too, and I'm gonna do whatever I want.'"

This, of course, isn't the first time Brandi has openly discussed her strained relationship with LeAnn. In August, Brandi opened up to ETonline about the difficulties of co-parenting with both her ex and his new wife.

"It ebbs and flows, you know? It's hard," she said about their complicated relationship. "You know, we're raising two little boys together and I think, ultimately, we put them first, and that's it. You know, there's gonna be fights about parenting styles and whatnot... I will scream and yell a little bit, but, you know, at the end of the day, they have a dad who loves them and a stepmom that loves them, and I would die for them. I would do anything for my children, so... they're in good hands."

The reality star also said that she's the stricter parent, and the one who disciplines the kids.

"So, on their time, they're like their little buddies," she said. "On my time, I'm sorry, there's, like, chores and rules and we have to have some sort of structure, because they're not little buddies. They're kids! So, saying 'Hell' when you're eight isn't cute. I will smack you!"

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In January 2013, LeAnn talked to ET about being a stepmom to Mason and Jake.

"My heart overflows with love for those two boys, and also because they're my husband's children, I look at them and they are two little spitting images of my husband," LeAnn said. "They're with us half the time -- I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom's house. … I'm going to be a part of that love, that intense love."

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