Kylie Jenner Blows Rings of Smoke From E-Cigarette

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Kylie Jenner's social media posts are certainly racier than what her sisters are sharing.

In a video posted to Snapchat on Thursday, the 18-year-old reality star is seen smoking an E-cigarette and blowing rings of smoke into the air while seated in the passenger seat of her friend Jordyn Woods' car.

Kylie also posted videos of her and BFF singing along to R&B tracks while Jordyn is dangerously recording and driving at the same time.

This vape video only adds to the speculation that was sparked in May regarding Kylie's extracurricular activities. The youngest Jenner sister posted a video of her eating a Popeye's biscuit and, according to some fans, muttered to someone in the background, "I'm high as f**k." Still others say it's to hard to make out what she's actually saying.

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Kylie later defended the Snapchat on Twitter. "I did a Snapchat saying my chicken was 'good as f*ck' eating Popeyes for the first time and apparently people think I said 'high as f**k,'" she tweeted. "I did NOT say that."

Kylie added: "Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I'm this wild child. The media is mean and I try not to look at it."

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While Kylie is sure to receive some backlash from this recent video, she told ET that she rarely regrets what she posts on social media. "Only if I post the wrong selfie, then I am like ‘ugh, that other selfie was so much better than that selfie,'" she said, "But other than that I don’t really regret anything.”

Here's more of her interview with ET:

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