Jaimie Alexander and Amber Heard Suffer the Most Awkward Teleprompter Fail

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Jaimie Alexander's blind spot at the 2016 Golden Globes? The teleprompter.

There were plenty of awkward moments during Sunday's award show (we could play a drinking game with the cringeworthy jokes that flopped), but it wasn't until Alexander and Amber Heard presented Best Actor in a Limited TV Series or Movie that people really started to wonder if the Globes had any rehearsals at all.

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The actresses put their reputations for being no-holds-barred badasses on full display during the awkward interaction, which came off as strange from the get-go.

The two stood in a silence that felt like minutes rather than seconds after the Blindspot actress uttered, "Are we supposed to say something?" Then, once they finally started naming nominees, Alexander suffered a teleprompter fail.

After a lengthy pause, the 31-year-old actress started laughing and, possibly, sent the teleprompter crew into a shame spiral.
"Who types this [bleep]?" she angrily asked.

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Finally, and thankfully, Oscar Issac was named the winner for his role in Show Me a Hero, and he saved us from having to witness the actresses attempt to converse again with a dignified acceptance speech.

It's hard to tell if the teleprompter was moving slowly or if Alexander and Heard just didn't approve of the jokes that were written for them, but either way, the situation translated as uncomfortable even to those watching at home.

Alexander was far more personable earlier in the night, when she revealed her and fiancé Peter Facinelli's wedding plans to ET's Nancy O'Dell on the red carpet.

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"We're moving slow because we're both extremely busy right now, but we're coming up with some really fun ideas that involve a bit of a stunt," she said.

She also did a Chewbacca impression for ET. For real -- check it out in the video below.

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