Adam McKay Jokingly Calls Out Jennifer Lawrence Pre-Awards Show Pot Smoking: I'd Arrest Her

Be cool, Adam!

Is Adam McKay blowing up Jennifer Lawrence's spot?!

The Big Short director facetiously called out the Golden Globe-winning actress after her recent admission to smoking pot before a past Academy Awards ceremony, saying, "If it was up to me she'd be arrested."

"That's not cool, I'm a law-and-order guy," he told ET at the BAFTA Tea Party over the weekend. "You know what I do before the Oscars? I read the Bible! That's what I'm gonna do."

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"Miss Lawrence, if you're watching - not cool!" the director added. "I'm a patriot."

Before you go thinking McKay is a total narc, you should know that at the same event, he gave this reason for why he'd never run for office: "I have too much of a bizarre past to ever get into politics. I'd have to explain why I was high outside of a rap concert in 1988."

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Looks like the grass is green on both sides of this one.

Lawrence wound up taking home the award for Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy during Sunday’s Golden Globes, for her leading role in Joy. After going up against her BFF Amy Schumer in the category, Lawrence revealed what the Trainwreck star whispered to her after the winner was announced.

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Watch the video below.