Kevin Hart Reveals His 8-Year-Old Son Will Be His Best Man at Wedding: He's My Best Friend

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Kevin Hart has a special connection to his best man!

When the Ride Along 2 star marries Eniko Parrish on Aug. 8, his son will be the one standing by his side.

During a revealing appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show on Tuesday, Hart explained why he trusts his 8-year-old child with the tall task.

"My son is my best friend," the 36-year-old said.

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That's completely adorable. We have to assume, however, that the comedian has entrusted someone else with the bachelor party. Someone who comes to mind for us -- Hart's former roastee, Justin Bieber. The actor told Stern that he expects the 21-year-old musician to be at the wedding.

"He's invited, I don't know if he'll be there, but of course," said Hart, explaining that he maintains a friendship with Bieber, even after his many highly publicized slip-ups.

"Bieber's a great guy," he added. "You cannot throw that type of success and money at a person at that young age, and expect them to survive it free and clear."

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During the interview, Hart discussed his own difficult childhood, including his troubled father's drug addiction, and why he chooses to maintain a happy attitude despite what he's been through.

"How do you deal with pain? You can find a positive in every negative," the comedian explained. "If my dad had been around, and didn't do drugs, I may be handling my success differently. I may be on drugs."

"I'm a happy guy," Hart added. "I'm such a great father, because I don't want to make the mistakes that my dad made."

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Hart credits his mom, a computer analyst who died of cancer in 2007, for giving him and his brother a stable home during this time.

"She kept us off the streets," the comedian recalled. "I applaud my mother."

Hart added that his father's life has turned around since he and his brother put him in rehab and bought him a house.

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"I don't give a s**t about his mistakes, that's my dad," he said. "Right now, he's happy. He's drug free."

What a great attitude!

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This month, Hart talked to ET about the close relationship he maintains with his Ride Along 2 co-star, Ice Cube.

"Best friends forever, me and Cube, going to be best friends forever!" Hart sang. Unfortunately, Cube didn't necessarily agree, responding, "We ain't best friends forever!"

Watch the video below to see Hart and Cube discuss their friendship.