Did You Notice the Drastic Way Lady Gaga Changed Her Appearance at the Golden Globes?

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The pop star -- and now Golden Globe winner! -- looked a little bit different on Sunday.

This is a big "OOOOOOOH! You're right! I didn't even notice!" moment.

At Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, Lady Gaga collected her first acting award and gave a touching speech and maybe scared Leonardo DiCaprio and looked like the human personification of "YAAAAAAS."

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But do you notice something...different about her Golden Globes look?

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Maybe if you compare it to a red carpet photo from the EMMY Awards?

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She got rid of all her tattoos! (Scroll back up and look again. We'll wait.)

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In the harsher lighting, you can just barely make out the difference in makeup:

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So, how did Gaga cover up her ink? She enlisted professional makeup artist Mike Mekash, who works on American Horror Story as well as on movies like Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mekash revealed that he used PAX (an acrylic adhesive based makeup) and skin illustrators to complete the job, and he said on Facebook, "The covers I did looked great on the red carpet and on stage when she WON! And for 99% of the press photos." As for the why? You'd have to ask Gaga.

Plus, Leonardo DiCaprio exclusively explained to ET his hilarious reaction to Gaga's win at the Golden Globes: