Jimmy Kimmel Finally Gets Mulder and Scully to Hook Up on 'X-Files'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The sexual tension between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully is still there after all these years.

In anticipation for the return of The X-Files to Fox on Sunday, Jan. 24, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he landed a role in the highly anticipated series. The late-night host helps the FBI agents bring their '90s detective techniques to a digital age of smart phones and snapchats.

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While fans of the show will get a good laugh when Sully (Gillian Anderson) pulls out her enormous cell phone to make a call and later attempts to get on the Internet using AOL dial-up, Kimmel became a hero when he finally got the two agents to act on their attraction to one another.

"You two should have sex," he says outright. "You should. It's been like 23 years. Everybody knows."

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That's when Mulder (David Duchovny) and Sully give in to their desires and start to get it on right in front of Kimmel. They're so into their love making that they don't even stop when the alien in the room awakes.

When ET spoke with Duchovny and Anderson about their wildly popular TV series, Duchovny joked that their characters didn't earn notoriety for their detective prowess. "We've never solved one case," he quipped. "We are the worst FBI agents of all time."

Check out ET's interview with the co-stars: