Meet Gabriel-Kane, Daniel Day-Lewis' Hot and Talented 20-Year-Old Son

The Oscar winner's son is a musician, model, and Instagram star!

Forget Daniel Day-Lewis' three Academy Awards and two Golden Globes and four BAFTA Awards and the fact that he was knighted by Prince William. His greatest achievement, in our humble opinion, is his super hot son.

Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, whose mother is French actress Isabelle Adjani, is a 20-year-old model who walked in Chanel's Paris Couture Fashion Week Show and is a favorite of Karl Lagerfeld.

"I stopped to get coffee across from the Chanel studio, and I saw Karl Lagerfeld," he told Town and Country magazine of landing that gig, noting he had first met the fashion icon when he was 10. So, Gabriel-Kane reintroduced himself.

"When I told him who I was he couldn't believe it," he says. "He was like, 'Wow, you've really grown into yourself. I would love to have you in the Chanel show.'"

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Here he is with another famous son: Brooklyn Beckham, son of David and Victoria, sitting front row together at a Burberry show.

And here's the picture you've been waiting to see: The shirtless selfie!

Did we forget to mention you should follow him on Instagram? ASAP?

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Oh, and we saved the best part for last: Gabriel-Kane is also a musician!

If you dig around the Internet, you can find an old rap video he made that went viral for all the wrong reasons. Now, he says his music is more "soulful, poppy-acoustic." Here is his first single, "Ink in My Veins":

And here is his cover of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself":

We dig it.

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