Brooke Shields Recalls Attending Tom Cruise's Wedding, Giving Birth at the Same Time and Place as Katie Holmes

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When Brooke Shields welcomed her daughter, Grier Hammond, on April 18, 2006, she wasn't the only star welcoming a new bundle of joy that day at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica.

In what has to be one of the stranger coincidences in Hollywood history, Shields gave birth on the same day and place as Katie Holmes, when she and husband Tom Cruise welcomed their daughter, Suri.

Shields revealed the strange incident recently when she appeared on the podcast Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy.

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"We sneak in, I get to my room, it's all top secret. I'm under an alias because we had a decoy car because people had been following me to the hospital," Shields, 50, recounted. "We get upstairs and I look out the window and there's helicopters, and movie cameras downstairs and news cameras outside."

"I was like, "This is an outrage! Who alerted the media? Can't I just have a baby?'" Shields continued. "And the nurse comes in and she's like, 'Honey, it's not for you.'"

As it turns out, the hullabaloo is was for "Kate and Tom."

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What makes the coincidence all the more unusual was Shields's public feud with Cruise, which began the year before when the 53-year-old Mission: Impossible star criticized Shields for promoting pharmaceutical drugs to combat postpartum depression.

The relationship between the former friends was still strained the day Shield and Holmes ended up welcoming their respective daughters. However, a few months later, Shields accepted Cruise's apology for publicly criticizing her.

In fact, Shields and her husband, screenwriter Chris Henchy, ended up attending Cruise and Holmes' wedding in November 2006, where McCarthy was a guest as well.

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Holmes personally invited Shields to the grand wedding ceremony, held in Italy, telling her that it "just wouldn't feel right" without Shields in attendance.

Shields was even tasked with providing the traditional "something old," and ended up finding a Victorian-eqsue enamel compact. However, getting the gift to the bride-to-be before the big day was no easy task.

"I felt like I was 007," Shields joked. "There was so much security and it was all dark and it was quiet, it was so quiet."

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Shields also addressed criticism she received from fans who were upset that she accepted an invite to the star-studded wedding after her long and public war of words with Cruise.

"If you get invited to that wedding, you go," Shields said. "There was no malice in my heart."

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