Police Say Nick Carter 'Appeared Intoxicated' Upon Arrest at Key West Bar

The manager of Hog's Breath told police that the Backstreet Boy got angry when the bartender on hand refused to serve him.

Police in Key West, Florida say Nick Carter was "slurring" his words when they arrested him at the Hog's Breath Saloon on Wednesday.

Carter, 35, and Michael Papayans were taken into custody after the general manager of the establishment, Art Levin, told law enforcement that he witnessed one of the men throwing a punch at an employee.

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In an incident report obtained by ET, police say the men "appeared intoxicated" upon their arrest. "Papayans and Carter were slurring their words and repeatedly attempted to stand up after being asked to remain seated," the document states. 

Police say Papayans had "a contusion on the right side of his face, a swollen lip, abrasions on his knuckles (both hands) and abrasions to his knees."

In the report, Levin told officials that the bartender at Hog's Breath refused to serve the men when they entered the bar due to their level of intoxication. He says Papayans and Carter then "became agitated and aggressive" towards the bartender, and refused to leave even after bouncers asked them to exit multiple times.

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Once outside, Levin says he saw one of the men "sucker punch" an employee that was still on Hog's Breath's property. The general manager says that there is video of the incident that claims to show Carter and Papayans yelling at the bartender.

A video was also released of the arrests (warning: NSFW language).

Papayans told police that he was never on Hog’s Breath’s property and did not put his hands on any of the employees.

ET has reached out to Carter's rep regarding this incident report. As of now, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant is still in jail and has yet to post bail. 

In November, Carter sat down with ET and talked about why he quit drugs and alcohol. At the time, he noted that his physical appearance was the wake-up call he needed to get sober.

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"I was gaining weight at the time, the color in my face was gone," Carter recalled. "I was able to look in the mirror at one point and said to myself, 'I don't want to be that person that you turn on the television and they're saying, We feel really bad because he died."