Will Forte Shaved Half of His Head and It Looks Absolutely Insane

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We have a feeling this look won't catch on.

Will Forte showed up to Fox's All-Star party on Friday only half-shaven -- literally. The Last Man on Earth star sported a full beard and long locks on one side of his head, while the other side was completely bare -- eyebrow included!

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Last Man
co-star Mel Rodriguez also arrived missing half of his mustache, leading us to believe these makeovers are for The Last Man on Earth.

In December, Forte told Entertainment Weekly, "There is one thing that I have been so excited about, and it is going to be the dumbest-looking thing you have ever seen."

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When ET last spoke to Forte, the 45-year-old actor explained how he balances comedic roles with dramatic ones. "It was not like an overall plan to go into drama," he said of his critically acclaimed turn in the movie Nebraska. "I mean, I'm never closed off to anything situation. I would be open to try anything, really."

Open to anything including insane facial hair, apparently.

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In other beard news, ET recently caught up with Leonardo DiCaprio, who told us what it felt like to shave off his grizzly The Revenant beard. Find out what the Oscar nominee had to say in the below video:

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