'Girl Meets World' Actress Rowan Blanchard Identifies Herself as 'Queer', Says She Doesn't Want to Label Herse

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Disney star gets candid about her desire for a label-free world.

Rowan Blanchard is speaking up on sexual fluidity.

The Girl Meets World actress took to Twitter on Saturday, telling her followers that she's decided to call herself "queer" in hopes of putting an end to labels.

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"In my life-only ever liked boys however I personally don't wanna label myself as straight gay or whateva so I am not gonna give myself labels to stick with- just existing : )," the 14-year-old actress wrote in a draft tweet she screenshot and posted.

Many of her young fans were confused by the tweet and asked for clarification.

"Unless you are saying you are open to liking any other gender in the future then please specify," one fan tweeted.

Blanchard quickly responded, writing, "Yes open to liking any gender in future is why I identify as queer."

After her announcement, the Disney Channel star found herself under attack from a few haters. Seemingly frustrated by the negativity, she replied, "Like I thought I was being brave and was proud of myself and then everyone attacks me... Cool."

But some of her most dedicated fans were there to support her, with many proud of the activist for being so open.

"Rowan is handling this so well for someone who tells the whole world her sexuality and then gets attacked...keep ur head up babygirl," one user wrote.

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Blanchard also posted a link to an essay she recently penned for Rookie mag, in which she explains why she's so over "apologizing for existing."

"My codependent relationship with self-blame and self-deprecation, as a means of self-defense, has held me tightly since I can remember," she wrote. "It has felt safer and less terrifying to silence myself to a degree, than to actually engage with people, and make them take responsibility for their own actions."

"Will life be easier if you stop playing pretend? Yes and no," she continued. "Some things get easier, and so, some things get much harder. Then those hard things get easier and new things become harder. It all repeats itself, somehow. But if you listen closely to the tiny voice in your head, the calm one, that is you talking. And if you turn up the volume on it and try to listen, it blocks all the other voices out."

Earlier this month, Arrow star Colton Haynes also got candid about sexual orientation, taking to social media to address rumors of his "secret gay past."

"When I found out Colton Haynes had a secret gay past, I got so excited even though I know it makes absolutely no difference in my life," the original message posted to Tumblr read.

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"Was it a secret?" the 27-year-old responded, adding, "Let's all just enjoy life & have no regrets."

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