Caitlyn Jenner to Publish Memoir Chronicling Journey from Bruce to Caitlyn

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Caitlyn Jenner is writing a book chronicling her transition into a transgender woman.

Caitlyn Jenner is getting ready to share even more about her transition into a transgender woman.

The 66-year-old Olympian is writing a memoir with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Buzz Bissinger -- who wrote Jenner's much talked-about Vanity Fair profile last June  -- scheduled to come out in Spring 2017. According to a press release, the new memoir will chronicle Jenner's "journey from Bruce to Caitlyn, and her brave transition into womanhood."

"Things have been moving so quickly that it will be nice to slow things down a bit and take the proper time to reflect on this journey," Jenner said in a statement. "I couldn't pick a better team, in Grand Central and Buzz, to make sure this story is told with a lot of honesty and care."

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"Thrilled to reunite with my friend Buzz Bissinger," Jenner also tweeted on Tuesday alongside a picture of Bissinger doing his best Olympic pose. "Honored that he's telling my full story."

Last June, ET caught up with Bissinger, when he talked about Jenner's transformation into a woman after undergoing 10 hours of plastic surgery last March 15th.

"I saw Bruce for about two, two and a half months. Bruce is over here, and then bing -- literally, overnight on March 15th -- he goes in for 10 hours of plastic surgery, and Bruce is gone," Bissinger said. "Now, Bruce will be in him somewhere, but now it's Caitlyn Jenner, and it was spooky."

"We've all witnessed a very powerful rebirth, a very powerful story about tolerance," he added. "Let people be themselves, whatever the hell it is. Caitlyn Jenner is not hurting anyone, and Caitlyn Jenner could really empower the world to be tolerant, which is an amazing thing."

Aside from her upcoming book, Jenner has also been sharing her journey with viewers of E!'s documentary series, I Am Cait. The first season of the show ran for eight episodes over the summer and documented Jenner's life as a transgender woman. In October, it got renewed for a second season.

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In the first season two promo for I Am Cait -- which premieres in March -- Jenner tearfully looks back on her life as Bruce.

"Sometimes I feel like I've thrown old Bruce out the door," she confesses to her friends. "Maybe he didn't deserve to be gone."

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