Kylie Jenner's Cartier Bracelet Has Been Stuck on Her Wrist for 4 Years

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... And all this time we just thought Kylie Jenner really liked her Cartier bracelet.

In a recent snapchat, an embarrassed Kylie reveals that she's actually been unable to get out of her pricey Cartier Love bracelet for the last four years. The video shows a security guard at Cartier attempting to unscrew the bracelet from the 18-year-old reality star's right wrist.

"This bracelet has been stuck on for, like, four years, and no one in the store can get it off, not even the security," Kylie says.

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Whether she succeeds in removing the bracelet remains to be seen…

A look back at Kylie's red carpet appearances through the years show that she has indeed been wearing the same Cartier bracelet for over four years. Check out a very different looking Kylie back in March 2012, rocking the over $5,000 gold bracelet at the Mirror, Mirror premiere in March 2012.

Though the bracelet was not stuck on at this point, and she could still switch it between her left and right wrists.

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A year later, Kylie was still wearing her favorite bracelets, rocking multiple ones in May 2013 at the After Earth premiere in New York City.

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And she's since stayed true to her Cartier bracelet. Here's a close-up of her at the launch of her Madden Girl collection in Glendale, California in February 2014.

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... And a year later at the 2015 American Music Awards last November.

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Obviously, Kylie is really serious about these bracelets.

... Even in photoshoots.

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Earlier this month, Kylie revealed on her app that one of her New Year's resolution is to "tone it down."

"I feel like 2016 -- everyone is on the natural wave, at least me and my friends," she surprisingly said. “I just want to take my nails off, no hair, no make-up. It’s just too much to maintain sometimes. It’s hard being a girl."

Watch below:

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