Dakota Johnson Accidentally Drops the F-Bomb on 'The Tonight Show'

Dakota gets accidentally NSFW with Jimmy Fallon.


Dakota Johnson got a little too into a game during her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, when she accidentally blurted out some NSFW language on-air. The hilarious incident occurred when the 26-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey actress introduced "The Acting Game" to the host -- which she said her famous family played during the holidays -- in which they get a fake scenario and have to act it out while answering the phone.

Dakota's scenario was that her fiance, Darth Vader, was calling to tell her he's leaving her for another woman, and as you can imagine, the How to Be Single actress didn't take the situation lightly.

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"Hi babe, did you just wake up?" Dakota asked. "You're what? Where are you?! Who the f**k?"

"Hang up the phone, hang up the phone!" Fallon quipped back.

Watch Dakota's realistic handling of the cheating scenario below -- F-bomb and all.

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Earlier this month, Dakota showed off more of her dry humor when she suffered an awkward on-stage wardrobe malfunction at the People's Choice Awards. After actress Leslie Mann seemingly unzipped her crop top by accident while the two embraced, Dakota took it in stride.

"Leslie just broke my dress," she acknowledged while accepting her award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. "OK, well it's not like nobody hasn't already seen my boobs."

Watch below!