Farrah Abraham Calls Out Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape After Kendall Jenner Disses Her 'Decisions in Life'

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Move over, Nicki Minaj! Farrah Abraham has a new celebrity beef.

The 24-year-old Teen Mom star is now feuding with the Kardashian clan, after both Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian said they were on Nicki's side when it comes to the rapper and the reality star's recent Twitter feud. The sisters' comments came during an episode of Khloe's new talk show, Kocktails With Khloe, after Farrah and Nicki's beef was also jokingly acted out by Snoop Dogg (who played Farrah) and comedian Kym Whitley (who played Nicki).

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While later discussing the feud in a group including The Talk's Aisha Tyler, Kendall said she was definitely Team Nicki.

"I don't really agree with a lot of Farrah's decisions in life so that's why I would just say: I'm on Nicki's side... I'm always team Nicki," the 20-year-old supermodel said.

"I'm Team Nicki all day every day," Khloe chimed in.

Not surprisingly, Farrah didn't take Kendall and Khloe's comments lightly. The controversial reality star -- who released a sex tape titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom in 2013 -- hit back at the family via Twitter on Thursday. Farrah tweeted an old Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card with Kim's ex-boyfriend, Ray J, photoshopped into the image. The message reads, "I made this whole family famous with my d**k!!!"

Pointing out what she sees as hypocrisy, Farrah captioned the photo "#Lifechoices," and tagged Kendall in the post.

Farrah also took a shot at Khloe, writing, "Flattered @SnoopDogg played me on @FYI look forward to my own talk show when this one gets canceled. cheers"

When ET caught up with Farrah in May 2013, she said she was unhappy with some comparing her to Kim Kardashian, given that both their sex tapes were released by Vivid Entertainment.

"We are two different people, two different situations," she said at the time. "I also don't agree with everything that she's done in her life, so I hope to live my life a little bit differently."

Khloe and Kendall have yet to respond to Farrah's social media slams.

Though is it any surprise that the ladies are on Nicki's side? The 33-year-old "Anaconda" rapper is a friend and collaborator of Kanye West, Kendall and Khloe's brother-in-law.

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Watch the video below to revisit the feud that started it all -- when Nicki called Farrah a "c**t to her mother."

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