Eva Longoria Almost Missed Her Engagement Because of Snapchat!


Men out there, take note! Eva Longoria says her fiancé "raised the bar for men everywhere."

The Telenovela star sat down with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, and revealed details from her incredible engagement to Jose "Pepe" Antonio Baston while on vacation in Dubai last month.

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"He planned for like six months. It was in the Dubai desert," she shared. "There were camels and falcons."

Despite the extravagant scene going on around her, the 40-year-old actress admitted that she almost missed the special moment due to SnapChat.

"I Snapchat a lot. You guys should follow me. I'm really funny. [During the proposal] I was Snapchating 'Oh my God, I’m in the desert! Oh my God, I'm on a camel! Drinking champagne in the desert!'" she joked. "And then I see rose petals and I was like, 'I should probably stop Snapchating this.' It started to dawn on me: 'Something is happening.'"

Although the proposal was a total surprise, the actress is very aware of the new sex toy that uses her likeness.

O'Brien asked Longoria if she knew about the blow-up doll that was made to look like her Desperate Housewives character, Gabrielle Solis, and she admitted she did.

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"When we started Housewives they did these sex dolls and ABC shut it down really quick. So, this is a new one," she quipped.

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Longoria revealed that her fiancé is probably the only person in the world who has never seen Desperate Housewives. To see what she said, watch the video below.