The McCourty Twins and Their Mom Are the Best NFL Family Ever

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New England Patriots free safety Devin McCourty is preparing for a playoff game on Sunday, but no matter the outcome, it won't help him in a contest with his twin brother, Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason McCourty -- trying to be mom's favorite.

"I want him to win!" Jason told ET. "But I guess he's the favorite twin now, because he's doing a little bit more winning," he joked.

In his six seasons in the league, Devin has seen 12 playoff games, including two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win, and Jason always has his back.

While Mama McCourty (Phyllis Harrell) supports both her sons' careers, she made it clear that she doesn't let football dictate how she feels about her boys.

"I will absolutely disagree with him," Mama McCourty said.

For Mama, it's what her sons do off the field that matters most.

"I always say I think they're greater people than they are football players," she said. "Don't take it the wrong way."

Mama clearly raised two talented, generous men, which she admits wasn't always easy. As a single mother, she had to look for deals when purchasing household products.

"I raised my sons shopping at Walmart," she said.

As customers of the retail company, they made for the perfect faces of P&G's Game Day Traditions campaign.

"I looked at the products and I'm like, 'Wow! Bounty, Tide -- those are the things that I used growing up, that my mom introduced to me and now in my own household I'm buying and using them every day," Jason said.

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Mama McCourty tells us Walmart will also be her party essentials go-to when Devin and the Patriots take on the Denver Broncos for the AFC Conference Championship this Sunday on CBS.