Anna Faris Adorably Reveals That Chris Pratt Is a 'Strict' Daddy to 3-Year-Old Son Jack


Plus, the 'Mom' actress explains how her identity has changed since having a child.

Here's something we weren't expecting to hear: Chris Pratt is a strict dad!

"He's strict, which I love," Anna Faris told HuffPost Live, when asked what kind of father her husband is to their 3-year-old son, Jack. "But he's also incredibly fun, incredibly loving."

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"Sometimes, from what I hear, a baby will bond a little bit more with the mother in the first year and a half of life, [but] Chris and Jack were instant," the Mom star recalled. "They just love each other so much. It's so amazing to see that moment when Chris comes home from work and Jack is like, 'Daddy!'"

Though the couple's life sounds impossibly adorable -- and looks that way, from the sweet family photos they've shared on Instagram -- Faris says it wasn't always as exciting as you'd expect.

"Now that [Jack's] language is great and he's really developed a sense of humor and imagination and he's a total ham, which I love, I get a real kick out of him," the 39-year-old actress said. "But the first year of his life, while he was beautiful and adorable, [was] boring."

Faris laughed and predicted she would probably get "hate mail" for admitting that.

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"I had him at 35 and, because he was premature, we felt so grateful for so many things," she explained. "But there is that thing of like, 'Gosh, leaving the house means I'm going to have to pack up all this stuff for him. So, I guess I'm just not going to leave the house.'"

Now, check out the cute video Pratt posted of Jack on World Prematurity Day: