Rihanna Has Finally Finished Recording Her New Album -- So, When Will We Get to Hear 'ANTI'?!

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Apparently for Rihanna, "very soon" means over a year later.

When ET asked the pop star for an update on her album back in November 2014, that's what she told us -- that it would arrive "very soon." Well, we heard some singles last year and she unveiled the cover art in October and announced a world tour...but still, no album.

Now, it appears that at least the record is finished. "Listening to ANTI," BadGalRiRi tweeted alongside a selfie, including a red balloon emoji.

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So, when will we get to listen to ANTI? No one seems to know except RiRi.

That said, there are five Fridays -- the day of the week albums traditionally drop -- between now and when the ANTI World Tour kicks off on Feb. 26. Rihanna wouldn’t go on tour for a record that hasn’t been released, would she? So, that leaves...

Jan. 29:
 Aka four days from now. There’s always the possibility that Rihanna will pull a Beyoncé and upload ANTI to iTunes without warning, but this still seems rushed. We don’t even know the tracklist yet. (Will "American Oxygen" or "FourFiveSeconds" make the cut?) Even after years of waiting for the album, this seems too soon.

Feb. 5:
There isn't much competition this weekend -- and enough time has passed that Adele might not have such an iron grip on the No. 1 spot. That said, Rihanna wouldn't have much opportunity to hype the album ahead of time. And there are those rumors that Bey wants to drop her next surprise album after appearing at the Super Bowl on Feb. 7...

Feb. 12:
Kanye West staked a claim on this weekend to (finally!) release his record, Swish. Yeezy is prepared too: He released the tracklist and called it "the best album of all time." We can't imagine Rihanna wants to go head to head with 'Ye.

Feb. 19:
A few days after the 2016 GRAMMYS, where she is rumored to be performing on Feb. 15. Rihanna could debut her new single during the awards show and announce the release date to plenty of fanfare. Still, she might not be able to steal the No. 1 spot from Kanye, after the fact.

Feb. 26:
The same day her world tour kicks off. This just seems too late.

Again: When will we get to listen to ANTI? We're guessing on Feb. 19.

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In the meantime, fans are celebrating the fact that there is definitely going to be an album. Rihanna even liked tweets from the #ANTIisFinishedParty:

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